Your Façade

A stone was thrown into the water where she wept
On one side a mushroom sat, and on the other sat a rose
Drawn to the rose, it intrigued her
A brilliant red hue, she wanted to be her

Who wouldn’t?

She was awed by its beauty
But it was just a reflection of the mushroom
It was what it wanted to show

It had saved her, but she was blinded
by the hallucinations that it gave her
Toxic. Nauseous. No good.

It would break her
Weather her smooth and shape her
It would shake her
and she’d lose herself in the ripples again

She’d been drawn to the deep with words and foul play
Just a game that’d been made for fun
No harm done
No shame

“Try her shoes?”
“…but they’re scuffed and bruised.”
“Buy them new…?”
“They’d rub raw.”
“Then who knows where they will take her…”
“Do you know?”
“Not at all.”

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