I never was good at introductions, and really this isn’t about me.

I’m just a fellow writer and reader, an optimistic daydreamer here to be randomly inspired or to inspire randomly. I’m not afraid of the challenge. I applaud the underdog and sometimes I might even inspire to be the villain. I am a believer in fantasy and magic and of dark beginnings and tragic endings. The world isn’t always black and white, though. The grey is where we tread. We all start as blank pages, but who are we without the ripped pages and burnt edges?

I’ll take my scars and hope to learn from them. Maybe I can make a difference in someone’s life. Maybe not, but at least I can enjoy what I do. Whatever comes from that, well…time can only tell.

You won’t really find me much on social media, but feel free to email me or contact me on Discord if you have any questions or concerns.